Lost at sea

"Always remember me."- anonymous

domefastinyourcar asked: 12, 28, 39!


12. How I feel right now

Shitty. Just not happy and am slightly sick 

28. Confession

Today I dropped off my mother at the pharmacy, parked, and then started crying while listening to Lorde. Then stopped crying because I saw a group of Indian doctors walking towards their cars and felt intimidated.

39.Something I fantasize about

 Pulling pranks and criticizing shows with Spencer while occasionally making out. Of course we then make love several times. He eventually breaks his leg and I have to help him recover for a few months. After college we get married and he happens to win an oscar for best director for a movie which has similar themes found in Breaking Bad and Black Swan(innocent—->sinister) naturally he becomes famous( this is how I eventually meet David Henrie) but the fame puts a strain on our marriage and we vacation in Bodega Bay. There he decides to quit his job and we decide to live there. I get a job as a tour guide/park ranger and takes over a taffy shop that actually exists and is a cute pink house. Kaela said she went there on her date with Michael!  Anyways we fall in love with each other all over again and we own two pretty huskies. Also another fantasy is running a huge underground drug ring at CSULB with Peyton because nobody would ever suspect us. We communicate in French but one day you and Nick misunderstand  our French and think we are secretly call girls. You guys mainly think this because one time at Olive Garden a guy approached us and wanted mushrooms but you guys thought he wanted a weird threesome. You tell the rest of the group and they start to believe it we are call girls too! But I die off because I find nothing more to live for and Peyton has millions of dollars and moves off to Maryland. You guys eventually find out and try to find Peyton to figure out answers but nothing comes from it. Finally in death my dad is proud cause although I didn’t end up being a doctor I built some sort of empire on my own. So a Breaking Bad kind of a fantasy